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Our distinguished Partner for his

innovation capacity

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The multinational company of Taiwanese origin joined the Mindflex family this year.  

Below, we share some information that you probably didn't know about our partner:


  • It is the number one manufacturer of consumer laptop PCs in the Asia-Pacific market. 

  • It has a line of products for gamers, called Republic of Gamers, which has been the choice of world champions.  

  • Fortune magazine placed this company as one of the most admired companies in the world in the computing category.  

  • It is the most valued brand in Taiwan for the fifth consecutive year.  

This alliance with ASUS will allow us 

expand our offer of monitors, servers, laptops and desktops, as well as, accelerate our response time to provide said products efficiently. 

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1. TS100-E10-PI4 - Hero.png

 Streamlines your business processes with our servers

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The most innovative technology alliance.  

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