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Turbo Leasing (Subscription Digitization) Financial innovation (the next level of leasing) that allows you to access world-class products and solutions without decapitalizing yourself. 

Goodbye chaos!

Transform your infrastructure and regain control 


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Wireless Lan

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MS Ethernet Switches

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MX Security Appliances

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MV Video Surveillance


MT Sensors

Hybrid Work

Scale and empower

your business

Remote Work

Improve connectivity to create ideal experiences for remote teams.

Safe Environments

Physical security + cybersecurity to protect what is most important.

Smart Spaces

Improve meeting spaces between

employees and clients.


Cisco Meraki , the power of simplicity

Imagine everything on a platform where IT+ iOT+physical environments converge so that your business is effective and your customers are satisfied, simplifying your IT infrastructure.


  • Create hybrid learning environments.

  • Develop a flexible campus.

  • Optimize administration.

  • Protects and facilitates security.

  • Drive innovation through collaboration.


  • Protect your assets.

  • Get data in real time.

  • Get a 360 view of the manufacturing floor.

  • Integrate your applications and systems.

  • Create a secure environment with multiple access points.


  • Protect your e-commerce from cyber attacks.

  • Improve the shopping experience.

  • Integrate your CRM with other systems.

  • Back up your information securely.

  • Ensure the operation of your branches.

  • Control your inventory in real time.

  • Analyze and make decisions in real time.


  • Monitor your patients.

  • Get data-driven diagnoses.

  • Break geographical barriers and connect with your patients no matter where you are.

  • Connect healthcare facilities with cloud-based IT.

  • Increases security.

  • Protect the information of your patients and healthcare personnel.

Centralized smart solutions
and managed in the cloud

Adaptive security, automated peace of mind

MR Wireless 

Proactively protect, inspect and adapt your network with the self-configuring and self-maintaining Meraki platform. Protect every wireless connection with automatic policy enforcement, identity-based access control, and built-in DNS protection. Defend users from threats with cloud-based multisite management and automated network firmware updates.

MS Ethernet Switches.png

Power, flexibility and style

MS Ethernet Switches


Optimize your equipment operations with Meraki switches. SecurePort automatically detects and verifies Meraki access points before configuring them. Adaptive policy provides an additional level of security based on user, device, and application intent.

MX Security Appliances.png

Welcome to the environment


MX Security Appliances

Get accurate data thanks to a unique design that uses the same protocol to measure path performance for real traffic. Create resilient SD-WAN connectivity with integrated wired and mobile WAN, switching, and Wi-Fi. Optimize traffic across all available routes between sites and all public and private multi-cloud environments.

SM EMM.png

Mobility without borders

SM Enterprise Mobility Management

Manage and control different devices. Certified WiFi and productivity apps. Establish access policies. Your collaborators obtain email content and applications, automatically connecting via VPN to the certified operations base. Students receive educational applications and cannot use the camera or messages on site.

Modeo Meraki 2
Meraki Insight.png

End-to-end network visibility

Meraki Insight



Improved user experience and deeper understanding of your WAN. Helps IT administrators optimize the end-user experience by significantly reducing the time it takes to isolate network or application issues. Unmatched security based on network status with real-time monitoring and remote solutions.


Protect and connect what matters most in your business securely 

MV Video Surveillance

Storage and processing in each smart camera eliminates the complexity of segregated storage, servers and management. Watch videos securely from anywhere, on any device, without any setup or installing software or add-ons. Built-in privacy and security, with unique user accounts and data encrypted by default at all times.


Your sixth sense:

environmental sensors

MT Sensors

Monitor weather conditions and unusual movements. Increase visibility across all your locations with a cloud platform, simple setup, and instant data access. Manage sensors and the IT network from a single dashboard and simplify configuration with automatic MR and MV gateways. Protect IoT sensors with wireless firmware updates, end-to-end encryption, and secure authentication.

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Support and Guarantees*


Meraki Now It is critical to keeping business functions available, secure, and running at peak performance.

Device management

Support community

Support for TAC devices

Technical resources


Software updates

Early hardware replacement

Smart Assist

*Terms and Conditions:
1. Some equipment may be excluded or conditions may vary; Please contact our service sales representative for more details.

About us?

We are part ofLanus, a holding company of companies that addmore than 30 years of experience and that offers a comprehensive and innovative portfolio of​ technological products and services that help organizations increase their​ productivity and achieve their strategic objectives.






Support for TAC devices

Certifications and methodologies

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Get the benefits of migrating your business to our XaaS model
Free up capital for your digital transformation projects.

Our improved version of XaaS,with Turbo Leasing. 

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